Our History

I first started making products for law enforcement officers in April of 2007.  I needed a leather case for my digital voice recorder and at the time there were no such products out in the market so I made my own.  I discovered I had a talent for leather work, and since then I've expanded to many other products.

All About Us

Valencia Law Enforcement Cases are products made for Law Enforcement, by Law Enforcement.

My Services

I personally make all the listed products using the highest-grade materials.  I normally don't keep the products stocked, but I begin work immediately when ordered.  The actual shipping of the product will depend on demand.  I currently have a one week turn-around time for products ordered, but I keep the buyer updated with progress.  My website orders take priority over non-paid orders, but I will do my best to expedite all orders.


Why should I buy a custom citation book.

As stated in my home page, I personally make and use my products in the field.  With this in mind, I recently left my custom made citation book on the hood of my patrol vehicle and drove off, leaving it behind.  Approximately one hour later, I realized my mistake and drove back to the scene where I last saw the book.  By the time I arrived, and searched the area, my book disappeared and I was sure that it was lost.  When I completed my search, I received a message from the PD, a citizen found my book and turned it in.  I drove to the station to meet and thank this this unknown stranger, but by the time I arrived to the station, the unknown citizen left without giving me the opportunity to say, "Thank you."  

I had the idea of making custom citation books for this particular reason.  When its personalized, there's a name and agency attached to the book and it will most likely yield the same results in most cases.  When I inspected the citation book, it was clearly obvious that it had been run-over a few times.  The citation clip holder, and the closing snap were smashed and needed to be replaced.  The leather also had a small road marking, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.  I replaced the clip, the snap, and the road mark gave it character.  The book went immediately back to work.   

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